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Into the Mystery: an Essay by Joscelyn Godwin Revisiting the deepest moments of 25 years of the Quest

Day Three:

The Mysteries of the North: Iceland & Scotland

Sunday, October 25th, 2020

This day is devoted to the Mysteries of the North from Iceland, and to Celtic wisdom from the Hebrides of Scotland. Among our topics are the Völuspá, the great poem of the völvas, or Viking seeresses, on the evolution of the cosmos and the spiritual future of the Earth. In the afternoon, we explore the significance in Nordic spirituality of the Goddess Freyja and the three Norns, weavers of destiny beneath the Tree of Life. We then turn to the contemporary reclamation of Celtic spirituality, and continue by examining the Second Sight, as it was known in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, and its relevance to consciousness research in precognition today. Finally, there will be another opportunity to construct our own Oracle deck, based upon our experience of sacred place.

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