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Into the Mystery: an Essay by Joscelyn Godwin Revisiting the deepest moments of 25 years of the Quest


Celebrating 25 Years of Exploring
the Western Mystery Tradition
| October 23-27 |

For the first time in its 25-year history, The Esoteric Quest — one of the leading global conferences on Western Esotericism — will be held as a digital summit.

This five-day event will bring together the world’s foremost experts, writers, artists and scholars for an interactive online experience exploring the lost or half-forgotten spiritual history of the West through lectures, musical performances from Iceland to Occitania, breakout sessions and much more. Join us for an immersive, virtual journey through history and across the world, as we go deeply into the wisdom traditions of the West, including:

Music of the Cathars and Troubadours in 12th century Languedoc in France

Explorations in the esoteric Art of Memory and the work of the great historian Frances Yates

Seeing into the Mysteries of the North: Iceland and Scotland

Presentations on the Italian Renaissance and the influence of the Esoteric Traditions in Florence, Italy, and how they spread to Elizabethan England

Honoring the first Esoteric Quest in 1995 in Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic, the Southern Bohemian Mecca of Alchemists (described as an “Esoteric Woodstock” by Gnosis magazine)

Glimpses of the Golden Age of Andalusia in its Portuguese dimension

Read our full introduction to this year's Quest here.

Read our full introduction to this year's Quest here.


Register by October 5 for our Full Conference at the discounted rate of $395 ($475 after).

See below for information on Student Rates and Scholarships.


Anyone and everyone. If you are fascinated by history or esoteric studies, or looking to deepen your knowledge of the profound mysteries and wisdom traditions of the Western world, and the myriad streams that have fed into it, this is for you. The Quest is for all who are curious and seeking. It offers an opportunity to tap into ancestral roots, go beyond pop culture’s often simplistic portrayal of esotericism, and get to the authentic heart of beautiful if often neglected or forgotten paths. These invaluable sources of wisdom are now returning to their rightful place in the panoply of world spiritual traditions.


The event will take place entirely online. Our program will feature a mix of morning, mid-day, and late afternoon/evening sessions in different formats to keep you engaged, active, and having fun. All sessions will be recorded, so if the time zone or other commitments prevent you from experiencing sessions live, they can be easily accessed later.


A 50% discount is available to eligible participants. Contact for more information.

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