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Into the Mystery: an Essay by Joscelyn Godwin Revisiting the deepest moments of 25 years of the Quest

Day Four:

The Renaissance, Sacred Architecture and the Mystic Path

Monday, October 26th, 2020

We start the day with the contemplative music of Marsilio Ficino in 15th century Florence, with its Hermetic attunement to the planetary spheres and go on to consider how Florentine Neoplatonism influenced Elizabethan England. In the afternoon, there is a panel in memory of Keith Critchlow, one of the great teachers of sacred architecture and geometry, who did so much to bring an understanding of ancient wisdom into the contemporary world. We then offer an experiential workshop on the Tarot, itself rooted in Hermetic knowledge, that approaches the cards as a compendium of Western mysticism. We also mark the Quest’s only foray into South America by investigating the sometimes esoteric adventures of the intrepid, early 20th century explorer, Colonel P.H. Fawcett.

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